The “Madagascar Workshop” began as a small meeting of anthropologists and historians from the University of Toronto, McGill University and surrounding areas who shared an interest in the study of Madagascar and Malagasy peoples. Now in its 11th year, the workshop has expanded to include Canadian and international scholars of Madagascar from various academic disciplines.

For several years, Canadian organisers have discussed the importance of including in the workshops more French, European and Malagasy scholars, whose presence has been limited in the past due to travel costs. Hence, the 2016 colloquium will be bilingual (English and French) and held in Avignon to accommodate a wider European and Malagasy presence and participation. Organisers hope to start a series of trans-Atlantic events on Madagascar so as to build stronger bridges between Canadian/North American, European, Malagasy, and international scholarly networks.

Previous programs from the Madagascar workshop can be found here:

2016 Workshop Organizers:

Dr. Gwyn Campbell, McGill University and the Indian Ocean World Centre
Caroline Seagle, PhD Candidate, McGill University
Dr. Jacques Pollini, Research Associate, McGill University



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